Common Questions

Can I get more spray? I’ve run out of spray but still have hydrogel packets left…

Yes. You may purchase an extra spray bottle. However, please be aware that you are using too much spray per packet. There is enough spray in each bottle to apply up to five sprays per packet. A typical tattoo will require only 2-3 sprays, so there’s more than enough spray for the 24 packets contained in each box.

If I have excess hydrogel remaining in a packet, can I use it on another tattoo?

No. Hydrogel packets are single-use only. There is enough hydrogel in each packet to cover a single tattoo area of approximately 10" x 24", so it is normal to have excess hydrogel left over for smaller tattoos. Once a packet is opened and used once, it should be immediately discarded along with the excess hydrogel remaining inside. Do not store open packets for future use.

Is stinging normal?

Yes. A mild stinging sensation is normal (and temporary). That’s the antiseptic alcohol going to work, which helps to establish a clean, antimicrobial environment for proper healing. If the client is experiencing a "strong" stinging sensation, it usually means that either too much spray was applied or the spray bottle was held too close to the area. Hold the sprayer further back and reduce the amount of spray used. It typically requires only a couple of MISTING sprays to do the job. Direct, excessive spraying is not necessary and will contribute to increased stinging. Clients should be aware of the possibility of stinging, especially on sensitive areas, prior to application.

How long should I leave SkinLock applied my fresh tattoo? Is it harmful to leave it on "too long"?

For best results, leave SkinLock applied the skin for at least three hours. At this point, it will have done its job and there are no additional benefits. Wash it off with warm water and begin your aftercare procedure as recommended by your artist. There’s no harm to leaving it on longer, but clients should monitor the area to make sure that the tattoo remains clean and moist at all times for best results.

What should I do or avoid once SkinLock is applied?

Use the same care and precautions as you would with every fresh tattoo:

  1. Keep it clean;
  2. Keep it moist;
  3. Avoid direct sunlight;
  4. Do not get it wet.